Staying confident VS Being delusional

People will often tell you that confidence is the key to success and I tend to agree with them. I agree because I’ve seen first hand how confidence can really boost a person’s  mindset and in turn their career. I’ve recently had my own experiences with confidence, self-doubt and not knowing if I was delusional about what I can and can’t do as an artist and performer. Ugh! I know many of you can relate to how horrible that feeling is. When it happens the first thing you want to do is turn to the people around you for guidance and reassurance. I’d say that’s the natural reaction, but, what if some of those people are actually adding to your self-doubt? What if they’re telling you that you aren’t capable? What if they haven’t actually got your best interests at heart?!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and take this all in because I’m about to serve you a huge dish of honest f*&cken advice right now. Ready? Ok, stand with your feet apart, up tall, spine straight and chin sticking out. Now, raise both your arms with your fists balled up nice and tight, smile and stick your middle fingers up and be done with that crap. It is hard enough that you’ve decided to embark on a career with no certainty or assurance of success. It’s hard enough that you face constant rejection and the constant uncertainty of whether or not you will ever get a job. You do not need people standing in the way of your opportunities and telling you that you aren’t good enough.

I’ll be honest, I found myself in a position where I began to believe I must be delusional about my skills and about my dreams. I began to doubt myself and my abilities and was ready to throw the towel in and get a day job, *shudders*. Yeah ok, there’s still shit I need to work on but by god, kill me for being human. We aren’t perfect and not everyone is going to like us, believe in us or think we are good. But if you are turning to your immediate circle of support, or to the people who are supposed to be pushing you to greatness and they are bringing you down get rid of that negativity quick smart. You don’t need that crap, I certainly didn’t and I am so glad I have people in my life who actually think I’m capable of realising my dreams.

Moral of the story here? Sometimes people are delusional about things and it’s important to have a support network that will help keep you on your path. However, most of the time it’s a matter of confidence and needing that support network to actually SUPPORT you. You need people in your life who genuinely want the best for you and who believe in your abilities. I’m thankful that I’m in my late twenties and have experienced all kinds of stupid crap being in this industry. I’m glad I have great people around me who want the best for me. It angers me to think that there are others out there who don’t have that and instead have these idiots telling them they can’t do it.

I urge you to please take my advice whether metaphorically or literally, stick it to those haters and keep doing you!

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